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Bedroom Stories: Creating a Relaxing Room that Works from Sunrise to Sunset

The bedroom should be more than just a room for sleeping. It should be an inviting space, suitable for sleeping and living. A place to unwind after a long day or curl up with your favorite book on a weekend afternoon. Most of us have the sleeping part down, with a plush mattress and cozy linens. But how do we balance the need for zen with a space to be enjoyed in our non-sleeping hours?

One way: embrace the light. While we want our bedroom to be dark and comfortable at bedtime, we also want a bright, happy environment during the daylight hours. Achieving both is simple.

  • Room darkening blinds, shades and drapes can provide the right combination of style and functionality that allow you to create peaceful darkness for sleep while bringing the sun in during the day.
  • Utilize the wide range of lighting, from table lamps to overheads, to create an environment for every step of the day. Ideally, put almost every light on a dimmer. First thing in the morning is no time for high wattage and you’re unlikely to enjoy that burst as your drifting to sleep with your favorite book. However, coming in to your bedroom after work during the winter, when it’s potentially pitch black at 6pm, is a completely different story. Choose lighting that matched the versatility of the room.
  • Match your bulbs wattage to the purpose each lighting source serves. For instance, lower wattages like 45-50 are ideal for gentle, ambient light for reading, while higher wattages are suitable for a vanity area off the bedroom. Easy to set-up wifi enabled bulbs with home assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home allow you to create settings for any activity.

Your décor choices can also have a strong impact on a dual use bedroom. For instance:

  • A streamlined layout will actually create a more calming environment. Think about the best guest room room or hotel suite you’ve ever stayed in. What made it amazing?
  • If you have the space, include a small seating area. Even a simple club chair and ottoman are the perfect “not-in-bed” lounge spot.
  • Add personal touches by displaying a few significant photographs, art or memorabilia. It’s a great opportunity to get those vacation photos off your phone and into a frame.
  • Create a healthy and equally beautiful environment by rotating your favorite seasonal flowers and plants.
  • Keep clutter and accessories to a minimum—and purge if necessary—everything should have a place and be accessible.
  • Opt for wall colors that are equally calming for both day and nighttime. Resist vibrant colors and go with light pastels, or more neutral muted tones like taupes, grays, beige and whites. Show your personal style with splashes of color in your bedding, pillows, flowers or and accessories.