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Idea File: Closet Envy

Walk-in closets were once a symbol of luxury, but have evolved into an expected feature in new home designs and remodels. Creating a stylish, functional closet takes time and planning. Rather than viewing your closet as a storage area, give it the same design considerations you would for any other room. You’ll likely begin and end your day here, so make it a space that’s enjoyable and comfortable. Here are some guidelines to help you design the closet of your dreams.

Keep it Bright
Walk in closets typically have no windows and therefore lack natural light. Make your closet look crisp and new with a vibrant wall color. Bright white is a good option in that it is high contrast and creates the ideal backdrop to allow the true colors of your wardrobe to shine.

Proper lighting is imperative to creating a functional closet. When there is natural light, make sure it’s not closed off by bulky window coverings. For overhead lighting, be careful to make sure the light isn’t too harsh overhead to avoid hard shadows. Create a design focal point with a decorative light fixture that matches your personal style…chandelier anyone? Task lighting can highlight accessories, while in-drawer LED strips (easily added to dressers) will help you see what’s in deep drawers.

Having enough mirrors is critical for a functional walk in closet. Mirrors will also reflect light to other parts of your closet and make your dressing area feel larger. If you have the ability to create a 3-way mirror go for it…you’ll know you’re 360 degrees of perfectly dressed everyday. If you lack available wall space, consider adding mirrored closet doors.

Dressing Island
If you have the space a dressing island is a dream addition to any walk in closet. A space to fold clothes, display accessories, and have extra drawers and shelves for maximum storage. Aim for 36-inch clearance on either side of the island to move comfortably and have enough room to open drawers, etc. Get creative with the shape and size of your island to work within your space. If you’re tight on space, have custom cabinetry installed on one wall with shallow and deep drawers for small items like scarves or ties, and bulkier items like sweaters.

Seating Area
A spot to sit to try on shoes and clothes is a great add-onan ottoman or free standing bench is a perfect solution. Look for pieces that have additional storage inside. If space is an issue, consider a built in bench below a window, or a narrow bench that can be stored up against a walls.

Other ideas to consider for creating your dream closet:

  • Use wooden hangers with thick shoulders to add a uniform, high end look that will also treat your clothes well.
  • Add a rug for a soft cozy feeling under your feet.
  • Get creative in displaying your accessories. Utilize stylish belt and tie racks which can also display your scarves and purses. Include in-drawer dividers for jewelry and small accessories.
  • Add a vanity area with a mirror and dedicated lighting to apply makeup and to put on jewelry.
  • Make it like your favorite retail space! Showcase your personality by creating displays or combinations of your favorite items. Integrate art or fashion books on your shelves and counters.

Be sure to check out our Marqet Group Designer Closet Pinterest board for more ideas and inspiration!

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