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The Most Popular Home Design Styles of 2017

With 2017 coming to a close we thought it would be interesting to take a look back at the top design trends in the home space over the past year. We turned to Havenly, the online interior design and decorating service, that just released its first ever yearly ranking of top interior design styles base upon over 25,000 surveys of Havenly clients across the U.S.

Coming in at number one is Farmhouse. Farmhouse is a complete blend of style and comfort. It’s an approachable and attainable aesthetic, shared Shelby Girard, Havenly’s head of design. Our customers want their home to feel cozy and lived-in while still being well-designed.

The number two top design style for 2017 is preppy contemporary. The preppy look is a more modern take on classic style and characterized by a genteel mix of patterns that lends itself to the aesthetic. Plaid is the iconic preppy print, but you also can’t go wrong with stripes, houndstooth, gingham checks or herringbone.

The boho vibe definitely caught on in 2017, with bohemian glam and bohemian contemporary taking third and fourth place, respectively. Havenly predicts these styles could rise to the top of the list over 2018 based upon the increase in customer searches for wall tapestries and earthy tones (beyond beige) on their site. “Marigold, olive green and rusty oranges seem to be catching eyes more and more,” says Girard. “Pairing those colors with modern decor make the design more approachable, or, when seeking the ultimate boho vibe, this palette adds more color than you’d think.”

Taking fifth place in the Havenly rankings is traditional style. While traditional design will most likely always have a place in the top rankings, we feel home design will go in a more modern direction in 2018.

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