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Quartz vs Granite: What Is The Difference?

Quartz vs. Granite

One question we hear all the time is, “What is the difference between quartz and granite? Which one is better and what are the benefits for each?”

At The Countertop Factory Midwest, we have all of the information you need! As a granite and quartz supplier in Chicago, we will fill you in on all of the benefits regarding both surfaces so you can feel well-educated about each countertop material before proceeding with your design project.

What Is The Difference Between Granite And Quartz?


Granite is a 100% natural stone that derives directly from stone quarries, is cut down to thin, manageable sizes, and then polished to a fine finish and fabricated as a countertop.


Quartz, not to be confused with the natural stone quartzite, is an engineered stone that is made up of approximately 95% of ground natural quartz and 5% polymer resins.

When comparing the two stones, it’s important to look at these 3 important factors:





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One of granite’s many benefits is its inevitable and natural beauty. Granite comes in a variety of different colors, patterns and textures due to the way it is formed. During its cooling and solidifying process, granite extracts unique features, hues, and qualities that make each slab one-of-a-kind. Not one slab will resemble another, because each one is different from another. Whether you are looking for a subtle design or a statement piece, granite offers a plethora of options to suit your personal style.


Because quartz is a man-made stone, it has the ability to easily replicate various looks. This is actually one of the main reasons that quartz has become one of the most sought-after countertop materials on the market. Quartz can reflect the same looks you love from granite, marble, and other natural stones. Furthermore, it is easily customizable, making the selection process a breeze for homeowners who may be looking for a specific appeal. While you may have a harder time looking for the perfect granite slab, quartz can provide you with versatile and personalized looks to portray your favorite hues and designs all in one piece.


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Granite is a fairly durable countertop option, as it is one of the hardest natural stones when compared to soft marble. Although it is a heat resistant material, granite is not indestructible and is, thus, eligible to chipping and cracking. If you ever experience this, granite can luckily be repaired using a repair kit to patch up the etching. Because of its porous nature, it can also be susceptible to stains if spilled liquids are left sitting for long periods of time.


Quartz is a very durable countertop option and is actually a much harder composition than granite. Because it is non-porous, quartz can be considered as nearly indestructible, because it will not harbor any bacteria, can withstand stains, and has a very low probability of damages such as chipping and etching. However, be careful when cooking, because quartz is susceptible to heat, so use heating pads to lie hot pans atop!


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Granite is on the middle end of the spectrum when it comes to maintenance. It is relatively easy to manage, however, it is suggested that granite be resealed every few years in order to keep its clean, polished slate. Resealing your granite countertops will help fight against stains and other damages. To clean granite, use warm soap and water or a safe household cleaner – but be sure to do your research, as harsh chemicals can damage the surface of granite!


Quartz is a very low-maintenance countertop. Similar to granite, it is suggested to clean the surface daily with warm water and soap or a gentle household cleaner. In terms of resealing, quartz requires no sealant after it is installed, making it a very simple and easy-to-manage countertop option.

We hope this information helps you broaden your knowledge on granite and quartz countertops. For more information about natural stone or general countertops in Chicago, Illinois, contact us to learn more!

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