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Targeting Millennials


If you think millennials are just a bunch of hipsters who are used to receiving trophies for participation and are good at raising their voices on social media, you are absolutely wrong.  Millennials are driving the digital world, changing the way brands market their products today and how they will market them in the future.

The truth is, this group of highly influential world citizens represents much more than a movement powered by Facebook or Snapchat.  It goes far beyond pretending to be a photographer on Instagram or a decorator on Pinterest. It is a group that respects honesty, value and commitment and is not afraid to share their opinion.

It is for that reason that many companies are shifting the way they communicate their branding – both in the outlets they chose and the messages they construct.  Marketers now have access to identifying their audiences’ likes and dislikes, as well as types and tone of engagement to communicate with them, just to name a few things.

If you are interested in growing your brand for the next thirty years, here are five things you should consider doing:

  1. Be honest– We live in a mobile technology world where any information can be searched or crowdsourced within seconds.  If you are true to your branding and messaging you will gain loyalty and powerful word of mouth.  If you are not, well, you can reverse the outcome.
  2. Be quick– Short and to the point is best.  If you can tweet it, you are saying it right.  Most communication nowadays is simple, precise and direct.  No one wants to read a novel to make a buying decision; they are going to ask others about their experiences anyway.
  3. Be smart– Use data and resources to engage with your audience at the right times and through the right outlets.
  4. Be digital– Have content that is digitally integrated and has the ability for sharing and engagement by your audience.
  5. Be prepared– Change is inevitable and millennials want it.  You have to be ready to change your direction as much as they change their Snapchat filter to stay on top of your game.  Remember Pokemon Go?

Also, just because you think millennials are not ready to buy your products does not mean you should not start building on your brand loyalty with them.  Remember that building a good customer base takes time and dedication, something this crowd certainly has a lot of.  Don’t wait until later to create your millennial branding strategy. If you wait they will build loyalty towards other brands and when you’re finally “ready”, it may be too late.

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