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The Best Countertops For A Host’s Kitchen

Get High-Quality Quartz Countertops in the Chicagoland Area

The Countertop Factory Midwest provides high quality countertop fabrication and design services for both commercial and residential projects in Addison, Illinois and the surrounding Chicago metropolitan area. As the leading stone fabricator in the Midwest, we offer outstanding countertop materials that will take your design project to the next level. With the combination of our exceptional surfacing materials and our educated staff members, your project will move with ease from start to finish and in the end will leave you with a long-lasting, flawless design for years to come.

Why Quartz Countertops For A Busy Kitchen?

As an engineered surface made to endure the harsh interactions of everyday life, quartz countertops are understandably one of the most durable countertop options on the market. Quartz countertops are able to appeal to any aesthetic with their unique appearances and vast styles. TCF’s quartz slabs come in a wide array of colors, from ordinary tonal hues to more exotic looks and vibrant shades. They also are able to resemble the look of popular natural stone countertop materials like marble, granite and quartzite, as well as mimic the style of concrete, wood and solid countertops.

Benefits of Quartz Countertops in Your Kitchen

Why are quartz countertops one of, if not, the most sought-after countertop on the market for kitchen renovations? Below are some of the reasons why quartz is the number one countertop option for homeowners:


  1. They are low maintenance: Unlike natural stone such as marble and granite, quartz does not require any sealant. All you need is warm water and soap to clean the surface. However, we advise that you avoid harsh chemicals or scouring pads, as this could dull the shiny surface.
  2. They are antimicrobial: This means that quartz countertops do not harbor any unwanted bacteria. Because they are a non-porous surface, no liquids or odors will seep into the pores and build bacteria, making quartz a clean and worry-free kitchen countertop!
  3. They are versatile: Quartz can boast various looks that we all know and love. Mimicking the stunning veining in marble countertops or the realistic patterns that are featured in natural stone pieces, quartz countertops can portray this look but with added benefits, making these tops the perfect contender for any homeowner.
  4. They are flexible: These slabs can be used beyond the kitchen countertop! Think about upgrading your powder room, laundry or tub surround to give your space a more cohesive and seamless look. These are also great updates to make to your home if you are looking to flip or get the space ready go on the market!

Quartz countertops are incredible options for any design project. We recommend quartz countertops for homeowners that love to host parties, large gatherings and fun events, because quartz’ durability allows for exciting interactions without having to worry about the clean-up, mess, and scratches that other countertops may face.

Interested in Quartz Countertops Near Chicago?


For questions about quartz countertops or if you are interested in starting your next design project in Illinois, contact The Countertop Factory Midwest. For more inspiration and information, you can visit our news and blog page.

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