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Utility Meets Pretty: The Laundry Room of Today

No longer relegated to dingy basements, laundry rooms are becoming the next “it” room of the house. They’re now designed as an extension of your home, using premium fixtures, low maintenance surfaces and high end appliances. When you’re creating your dream wash and go room, think about what will make you want to be there and add those high end finishes…but don’t neglect the utility of the space. The more organized and accessible things are, the more likely you are to stop dreading laundry day!
Create Space
A front-loading washer and dryer allows room to create a countertop that runs the full length of the room. An added benefit is creating custom storage next to the units with pullouts for ironing boards and bins for dirty clothes. Have dedicated drawers for supplies like sewing kits for repairs on the spot. No more lost buttons or loose hems.
Large Sink
Add a large laundry sink into your countertop design for prewashing, soaking or handling delicate clothing, like cashmere sweaters. A simple drop-in sink works well, but consider a farmhouse sink for added character. For a decorative look use a wall mounted faucet, but consider a side sprayer as well for getting concentrated amounts of water on hard to treat spots.
Easy Access
Incorporate floating shelves for often reached for items like laundry detergent and fabric softener. Having a closet rod or drop down rod in the room to hang clothes right out of the dryer. (And remember to leave hangers there so you don’t have to run back and forth to your closet.) Place an adjustable drying rack on a wall to dry delicates and other items that are hand-wash only.
Design It    
Don’t forget about the pretty. Add an unexpected pendant or chandelier overhead and task lighting near the sink. Paint and wallpaper add major drama! Whether you paint your cabinets a deep blue, your walls a lavender, or have your walls papered in a beautiful damask or floral print—the goal is create a space you actually want to be in. Use a durable surface on the floors, a large format tile can withstand spills or leaks, while keeping the room feeling fresh and modern. Remember, the prettier it is, the less it will feel like a chore.
Julia Buckingham Laundry Room photographed by Nathan Kirkman

For other ideas check out our laundry Pinterest Board! Click on MarqetGroup below.

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