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Quartz Colors

Quartz countertops offer several benefits that make them very attractive. It is a non-porous material, meaning it will not harbor bacteria and is stain resistant. It is a very dense material, which makes it impact and scratch-resistant. Quartz materials are offered in a variety of colors and patterns, some of which look like natural granite, marble, limestone, or concrete. Most manufacturers carry a minimum of a ten-year warranty on their quartz products.

At TCF, we offer the best quartz countertops in Chicago, Indianapolis, Tuscon, Phoenix and other surrounding areas. We provide a full-service experience from showroom shopping to countertop fabrication. View our stunning inventory below and contact us today to get started on your next project!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Quartz Countertops

What are quartz countertops?

Quartz countertops are engineered stone surfaces made from a blend of natural quartz crystals and resins. They are designed to offer the durability of natural stone with a wide range of customizable colors and patterns.

How are quartz countertops made?

Quartz countertops are made by combining approximately 90-95% crushed natural quartz with resins, polymers, and pigments. This mixture is then compacted into slabs, cured, and polished to create the final product.

What are the advantages of quartz countertops?

  • Durability: Quartz countertops are highly resistant to scratches, stains, and impacts.
  • Low Maintenance: They are easy to clean and require no sealing.
  • Aesthetic Versatility: Quartz countertops come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.
  • Hygienic: Non-porous surface inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold.
  • Consistency: Unlike natural stone, quartz has a uniform appearance.

Are quartz countertops stain-resistant?

Yes, quartz countertops are highly resistant to stains from common household items like coffee, wine, and oils. However, it’s advisable to wipe up spills promptly to prevent potential staining.

How do I clean and maintain quartz countertops?

Simply use a mild dish soap and warm water with a soft cloth or sponge to clean quartz countertops. Avoid abrasive or acidic cleaners. Routine cleaning is usually all that’s required.

Can I cut directly on quartz countertops?

While quartz is scratch-resistant, it’s still best to use cutting boards to avoid dulling your knives and potentially damaging the surface.

Laminate countertops are a popular type of countertop surface made from layers of paper or fabric impregnated with resin and bonded to a core material, typically particleboard or plywood. They are known for their affordability and wide range of design options.

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