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Here’s How You Can Create a Natural Aesthetic in Your Home

Nature is as American as apple pie! 72% of Americans say that contact with nature is very or extremely important for their physical health. Yet more than 60% of adults say they spend less than five hours outside in nature every week. 

If you like nature but can’t venture outside, you should consider creating a natural aesthetic in your home. However, creating a natural aesthetic can be tricky. You need to take a few steps to create a comfortable and classy aesthetic indoors. 

What plants should you maintain inside your house? How can you bring natural light into your home? What materials and colors work best for a natural aesthetic? 

Answer these questions and you can create a beautiful interior design in no time. Here is your quick guide.

Decorate Your Home with Plants

The easiest way to make someone think of nature is to bring plants into your house. During the wintertime, you can hang up a wreath. You can weave together branches in your backyard and paint them white to make them seem covered in snow. 

You can also hang dried herbs and flowers in your house. Cotton blossoms don’t wilt, so you can place a few cotton blossoms in a ceramic or glass vase. For a green nature aesthetic, you can put pine leaves or tallgrass in a vase.

Bring in Natural Light

Natural light can give you a better view of the outside, and it makes the interior space seem bright and airy. If you can install new windows in your house, you should do so. If you can’t, take the curtains off your windows to let in more light. 

You can also reflect the light with mirrors and reflective surfaces. You can install a laminate countertop or polish your table.

Select Natural Surfaces

When people think about a natural beauty aesthetic, they often think of wood. A wooden countertop works well to stack objects and serve food on, and you can hang up wooden picture frames or artworks in your house as well.

If you prefer a dark naturalistic aesthetic, you can install natural stone countertops. Try to find black pearl, uba tuna, and absolute black countertops. Natural stone offers a variety of looks. They are EASY to clean (just warm water and soap) and durable countertops like granite and quartzite are heat resistant, which is perfect for your kitchen so you can place hot pots and pans directly on top.

Choose Earthy Colors

Earthy colors include brown, dark green, and gray. You can mix different shades of each color together, as well. 

You can pair an earthy countertop or table with a rug. If your countertop is gray or dark brown, you can match it to a light brown rug. If you want to add features to your ceiling, you can paint the features sky blue to invoke the open sky.

granite countertops phoenix

Build a Natural Aesthetic

A natural aesthetic can mean a few different things. You can maintain a few plants inside your house, but get creative and try hanging up dried herbs and leaves. Use reflective surfaces to reflect natural light into all parts of your living room. 

Countertops can create a light or dark aesthetic. But you want to use a variety of earthy colors to reflect the colors found in nature. Make interesting juxtapositions between shades of brown or blue. TCF offers a variety of natural stone countertops that tie together a natural aesthetic. From granite to quartzite to marble, something is sure to catch your eye if you’re looking to incorporate nature into your home. 

You don’t have to go far for great countertops. With over 50 projects completed each day, TCF proudly delivers over 13,000 jobs each year. Contact us today to start putting together your dream home! 

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