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Small Projects for Stone Remnants

There are so many ways to add to the beauty of a room. From incorporating new lighting into the space or painting and adding furniture, the possibilities are endless. There are also some clever and inexpensive ways to upgrade your space. One of them is to make the best use of countertop remnants from The Countertop Factory!

What are Countertop Remnants?

Countertop remnants are pieces of granite, quartzite, marble, and other materials that were not used on a bigger job. For example, a large slab of granite or quartzite used to resurface a kitchen counter will probably have a piece cut out of it for the sink, or an end piece of a larger slab will be taken off because it wasn’t needed.

The piece not used will have been professionally cut, polished, and possibly shaped. This is a countertop remnant. The good thing about these remnants is that they are as useful, valuable, and long-lasting as the piece they were cut from. That means they can be used elsewhere. They will be less expensive but will still be durable and look as good. That means they can be used to add an extra “something” to another room.

Where Are Good Places to Use Remnants?

Bathrooms and Powder Rooms

Two of the most-used rooms in a house are the bathroom and powder room. A marble, natural stone or quartz remnant may be perfect for a smaller vanity unit. One of the other benefits of using quartz in a bathroom is that quartz is nonporous. It won’t absorb any moisture, and definitely will not harbor any germs. It is also very easy to keep clean and looking good.

Walk-In Closets

Your home may have a walk-in closet. Closets are great for storing items of clothing and accessories, but they often are not that useful for laying out items to see which mix-and-match will work for your evening out or new job interview. If you were to install a small custom island, it would look attractive and be an excellent place to check out what to wear.

Living Rooms, Family Rooms, Dens, and Kids' Play Areas

The fireplace is often the focal point in a room. Adding a beautiful granite or marble surround will add an extra eye-catching feature.

Children do a lot more than sleep in their bedroom. They pursue their hobbies, make models, and play computer games, just to name three. Wooden furniture can get scratched if used as a hobby work table, so something that won’t scratch, and will help to make the room look good when friends visit, may well be the answer.

Customize Your Furniture

Dressers and nightstands also get a lot of use. Adding a long-lasting remnant of the right color and shade will add elegance and durability.

More Ideas?

Whether you live in Chicago or Addison, Tucson or Phoenix you can click those links to see our live inventory and to get ideas about room layouts and options. Either way, if you would like to check out more things or ask us a particular question, just contact us by clicking here. We look forward to hearing from you.

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