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Custom Kitchen Islands: How To Truly Make Your Chicago Home One-Of-A-Kind

Kitchen designs have come a long way from where they were to where they are now. The once mundane kitchen layout has now expanded to feature a much larger working space and countertops have transformed from being solely a cooking surface to functioning as a multi-faceted area that is equipped for cooking, working from home, arts and crafts and more.

Most newly renovated American homes now feature an open-concept kitchen layout that allows the feeling of being cluttered to diminish, expanding the floor plan to appear larger and more welcoming for large gatherings. Set in the center of these types of homes, you will probably find an extravagant kitchen island; one that is large, stunning and dueling as a cooking space and bar top.

Kitchen islands are crucial to an open-concept floor plan, as it not only allows for extra countertop and storage space, but it also adds a focal point within the heart of your home. People often gather around the kitchen island creating memories, exchanging laughs and toasting to “the good ole’ days.”

There are many ways to renovate your kitchen island to showcase your authenticity and creativity while keeping in mind the type of lifestyle that you live. Here’s a few custom kitchen island ideas to incorporate into your next Chicago design project.

For Extra Storage Space

Maybe extra seating isn’t on your top priority list, but storage is! Creating more storage space is always a great idea, especially if you have large families or host gatherings often. Creating a kitchen island with cabinetry and shelving will help you alleviate the clutter on top of your counters and make a home for every kitchen product you own. Say goodbye to the mess and hello to organization!

For A Corner Kitchen

Is your kitchen angularly located in the corner of your home? If you have a unique floor plan, a V-shaped kitchen island could suite your home best. The V-shape design allows for you to incorporate an island into your Chicagoland home without compromising your free walking space. Voilà! Now you have the bar top that you have always wanted.

For The Ultimate Open-Concept Kitchen

Now this is every homeowner’s dream! Having enough space to allow for a double kitchen island is a wonderful way to designate the purpose of your kitchen countertops. Elect one kitchen island for cooking and meal-prepping equipped with a stove-top, mini fridge, and built-in cutting board, while the other island serves as a table setting.

For The Chef

Are you the chef in the house? Do you find that you are always in the kitchen while hosting guests? Having a welcoming kitchen island that wraps around the cook’s working space is a fantastic way to pull guests into the kitchen while keeping your preparation area clutter-free.

For The Apartment

Sometimes, the best things in life come in small packages. Well, this still won’t come in a small package, but it’s just as nice! A smaller-sized kitchen island is a great to incorporate into an apartment or condo in the heart of Chicago. The island will serve a dual purpose, acting as both a counter space and dining area, which will help to alleviate some of the space issues you could be experiencing.

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