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The Latest Trends in Wood-Look Tile

When first introduced years ago, many wondered whether the “wood look” tile category had staying power or would simply end up as another passing fad. Well, it’s proven to have serious staying power. It has rapidly gained in popularity among homeowners and is now seen as a viable alternative to traditional hard wood flooring. No longer relegated to just kitchens and bathrooms, wood look tiles are now being used throughout the house, allowing for a continual floor from work space to play space. New technologies have allowed for a highly customizable manufacturing process resulting in countless new designs, sizes and textures. This versatility has made these tiles an option for everything from urban loft to rustic country.

What is wood-look tile?

Wood-look tile is typically made up of either ceramic or porcelain tile that is manufactured to have the appearance of real wood. Similar to real hardwood floors, wood-look tiles come in planks, but can also be morphed into unique shapes and sizes such as a herringbone design.

arctic white countertops

Creating a realistic look with wood-look tile.

The chipped edges and saw marks are all imperfections that provide a realistic design to wood tiles. With specific graining and patterns, these tiles provide a home that lived-in presence that many homeowners crave for.

Now, you can easily achieve a homey environment with wood-look tiles, without having to sacrifice style. Unlike natural wood floors, wood tiles are more durable and can withstand scratches from your four-legged friends, shoe scuff marks, outdoor dirt and more. It is easy to clean and does not absorb water or bacteria on the surface. Tiles also can be UV stable and eligible for both indoor and outdoor applications.

nitti cambria swanbridge countertop

Bringing the outdoors, inside.

Bringing outdoor elements into the home is a huge trend right now that we absolutely love. Implementing neutral tones and natural textures can easily make your house feel like a home. With the essence of natural sunlight and the warmth of wood-looking tiles, it is simple to achieve a biophilic concept by showcasing your love for nature and the outdoors.

A versatile look.

With various shades, textures, sizes, and patterns to choose from, homeowners and designers alike can style a space with ease, knowing that there is a wood-like tile product out there for them.

As the demand for these tiles continue to rise, you should be able to easily find a porcelain floor that:

  • Offers various sizes and thicknesses
  • Showcases a plethora of colors and design options
  • Comes in an array of natural patterns that we all know and love (wood, marble, etc.)

In conclusion, wood-looking porcelain tiles are never a bad idea. They are highly durable and can be used in any part of the home, office space, etc., including outdoor areas, as they are UV resistant. Apply these tiles beyond the countertop or floor space to create a one-of-a-kind look! To learn more, contact us today.

The Countertop Factory is located in Addison, IL and Tucson, AZ, and offer several countertop materials and services, such as plumbing. We also provide services in surrounding areas including Chicago, IL and Phoenix, AZ, so be sure to stop by to browse one of our showrooms and talk with a design professional to learn more.

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