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Duravit Announces Winners of the 5th Annual Designer Dream Bath Competition

The competition recognizes talented architects and designers who demonstrate an innovative, inspired take on bathroom design. One winner from each category (Built & Unbuilt) was selected, with the Built category representing completed projects using Duravit product within the last five years, and the Unbuilt category highlighting incomplete, “dream” projects.

The Built category asked designers to showcase their own projects with Duravit fixtures completed between 2012-2017, with designs for residential, hospitality, or commercial settings. Janik Lemery of Astro Design Centre (Ontario, CA) was chosen as the winner for the Built category.

Lemerys residential bathroom utilized Duravits Cape Cod freestanding tub as a sculptural focal point and accompanied it with Starck 3 undermount Basins and a P3 Comforts toilet with SensoWash seat. The balanced design took influence from the natural world and varying textures to create a relaxing bathroom experience, complementing this vision with Duravits signature minimalist design and bathroom technology.

The finished design provided a peaceful sanctuary, and won over the jury with its use of Duravit as both a visual centerpiece and a technological, modern asset for the bathroom.

For Duravit’s 200th anniversary, designers were encouraged to incorporate Duravit’s most recent collections, Luv & DuraSquare, into their Unbuilt submissions.The winner of the Unbuilt project category was Sarah E. Wilson of Sarah E. Wilson Design (St. Louis, MO). Wilson focused her design efforts on creating a space that maintained a generous amount of storage while still being inviting and modern.

She used DuraSquare washbasins, furniture consoles and the bathtub as the foundation for a functional, design-savvy bathroom, with finishing touches including the ME by Starck compact toilet and L-Cube furniture pieces in American Walnut to solve storage and space challenges.