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Kitchen Trends 2024

Are you looking to update your home in 2024? Here’s 4 emerging trends that will not only make you want to spend more time at home but will also increase the value of your home.

Smart Homes

Smart homes represent the cutting-edge evolution of modern living, where technology seamlessly integrates with our daily routines to enhance convenience, energy efficiency, and security. These are designed to simplify your life by allowing you to control various aspects of your home through a smartphone app or voice commands. From adjusting the lighting and climate to brewing your morning coffee or managing home security remotely, the possibilities are vast. What’s even more fascinating is that smart homes have the ability to adapt to your preferences, learn your habits, and optimize settings to keep you comfortable. In 2024 we will see our homes getting smarter and learning our wants and needs. Many people will be adapting to these changes. 

Large Kitchen Islands 

In 2024, as more homeowners are wanting an open concept kitchen floor plan with an island, kitchen islands are expanding in size to serve as versatile social hubs and workstations. These larger islands provide space for seating, meal preparation and storage as well as design focal points. The waterfall kitchen island and the double island kitchen will continue to be big trends. For natural stone materials, growing in popularity is quartzite and marble countertops Phoenix. For engineered stone, the trend is porcelain and quartz countertops Chicago. Statement lighting above the island adds an extra layer of style and personality, making the kitchen a dynamic and stylish space where form meets function. For more information on countertop materials, check out this blog.

Kitchen Remodeling Phoenix and Tucson- Connection to the Outdoors

Indoor-outdoor flow is an architectural and design concept that seamlessly connects interior living spaces with the outdoors through large windows, glass doors, shared materials, and integrated outdoor kitchen and living areas. This approach blurs the boundaries between inside and outside, creating an open living experience that invites natural light, enhances the visual connection with the surrounding environment, and promotes a sense of well-being. For outdoor kitchens, bars and tables, the perfect material is porcelain countertops Phoenix. They are extreme weather-resistant, durable and available in a variety of colors and styles for all design looks.

Green Countertops – A Sustainable Trend

Green-countertops-sustainable-kitchen-countertops-ecofriendly-kitchen-and-bathroomm-remodeling-chicagoIn the realm of kitchen and bath design, sustainability will be a dominant and influential trend in 2024. With an increased focus on environmental responsibility and healthier living, homeowners are seeking sustainable materials, eco-friendly fixtures, and energy-efficient technologies. For countertop materials, recycled glass countertops are an ideal choice for homeowners as they are sustainable, durable and easy to maintain. Offered in an array of colors and styles, recycled glass countertops add a contemporary look for kitchen and bathroom remodeling Chicago. Sustainability in kitchen and bath trends for 2024 embodies the fusion of style, functionality, and environmental consciousness, offering homeowners the best of both worlds.

If you are starting your kitchen or bathroom renovations, The Countertop Factory is able to provide you with a seamless countertop installation in the Chicago, Phoenix or Tucson area. With your vision and our expertise, we are able to help your vision come to life. Contact us today for a quote or visit our showroom in Arizona or Illinois.


For more on kitchen and bathroom remodeling check out our blog here

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