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Idea File: She Sheds

We have all been hearing the term “Man Cave” for some time…but what about the “She Shed”? It’s something that has certainly gained traction among homeowners lately. Now, while men have their man caves for watching the game and poker nights, women have their own space for relaxation and privacy within a busy household. We’re always looking for more room in our homes, but don’t always have the space or funds for a full fledged addition. This is where the backyard shed comes in! An outdoor shed is a much less expensive alternative and is typically not subject to the same strict local ordinances and building codes of an addition. And despite its small footprint, a converted shed can still highlight the owner’s personality and decorating style.

A She Shed is basically your own personal outdoor retreat and can be designed for whatever kind of activities that make you happy. Let’s take a look at some potential She Shed uses and some tips to consider when building your shed or converting an existing shed.

Reading Shed
If you’re an avid reader, or even host book club gatherings, design your shed as a personal reading sanctuary. Add a comfy sofa and chairs and fill your shed with bookshelves to display all your favorite titles.

Craft Shed
Whether your passion is knitting, painting, scrapbooking, making jewelry or any other similar activity, a craft room is an excellent use for a she shed. Design the space around your needs, but include a comfortable workstation and shelves for organizing all your supplies. Don’t forget a space to display your works of art!

Yoga/Exercise Shed
Outfit your shed with mats, a wireless speaker and bins for your gear and create your own personal yoga studio. Add a set of dumbbells, and other workout essentials to have it double as a workout room.

Other uses for a she shed could be flower arranging, writing, photography, or even just a comfy tranquil space for you to simply relax and be inspired. There are practically endless options! Most importantly, you should set up and decorate your space however you like.

New sheds can be built by a contractor to your exact specifications or you could purchase a pre-fabricated shed. Most sheds need to fall under 200 square feet to meet local building codes. Again, consider how you will use your shed and plan from there.

A nice outdoor space will take your she shed to the next level. Consider adding window flower boxes, extending a vegetable garden around the shed or even a water feature. Add a deck or patio off your shed for outdoor seating options.

Even though the she shed is outside you can still make it feel like part of your existing home. Bring in a similar color palette from your favorite room and add family photos and other personal décor items. Add color with throw pillows, candles and wall art.

The idea is to create a tranquil, comforting environment, so think shades of light blue, neutrals and grays when decorating. A bright white or beadboard on the walls can make the space feel light and airy. Consider adding skylights to bring in more natural light. Another item to consider is a daybed with storage underneath for extra seating or a spot for a quick nap. You might want also add a wine rack or cooler and glasses to always have a relaxing glass of wine available!

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